Philips Ambilight 2 47" 1080p Flat-Panel LCD HDTV - Part 4

Just to recap for you, I have all equipment (Toshiba A2 HD DVD player, PS3, XBox 360, Nintendo Wii) connected to a Pioneer Elite VSX82-TXS Receiver then outputed via HDMI to the Philips 47PFL7432D LCD.

I do notice what appears to be some handshake issues. I imagine that is due to the receiver and the display. So HDMI isn't quite what it's cracked up to be just yet.

HD movies are handled extremely well. Colors are rederered beautifully. Blacks are handled very well. LCDs had been known to not handle blacks as well as Plasmas. Gaming is perfect on this display with no motion blur which also plagued some older LCDs. Even 480p gaming is very nice on this display.

The Philips 47PFL7432D Ambilight 2 seems like a gimick on paper, but when you have the lights off the Ambilight works it's magic. Its nice to see the lights changing based upon the content on screen. It adds a bit of depth to the picture.

This is after about a day's worth of review time, so I'll have more opinions once I've had more time with it. At this moment, I would give the Philips Ambilight 2 47" 1080p Flat-Panel LCD a strong recommendation for anyone looking for a great gaming and HD movie display. Also note that this also comes in a 42" model.

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