Philips Ambilight 2 47" 1080p Flat-Panel LCD HDTV

I finally made the decision on the new Philips Ambilight 2 47" 1080p LCD (47PFL7432D) display. I was previously using the Hitachi 42" (42HDS69) Plasma Display for watching Blu-ray and HD DVD movies. I wanted to move up in size and have a display which was 1080p natively.

Why did I buy the Philips Ambilight 2 (47PFL7432D) LCD?

  • Native 1080p display
  • LCD for gaming
  • 5ms refresh rate
  • 1:1 pixel mapping
  • ambilight 2
  • 3 HDMI inputs
  • 47" display

So whats does that mean? Coming from the Hitach 42HDS69 Plasma display, I was always fearful of burn ins. Even with the advances in Plasma technology, there still is not guarantee that burn in will not occur. Ok so where does that leave me? I could have gone the DLP or LCD route. DLP was not an option for me since the size requirements are just not going to work for me. I'm not stepping back in technology. So that leaves me with LCD.

LCDs are great for preventing burn in but have sometimes had problems with fast motion gaming and movies. Well in looking at the Philips 47" Ambilight 2 LCD (47PFL7432D) display, It seemed on paper to solve the fears of previous generations of LCDs. The main issue of motion blur is pretty much eliminated by a 5ms response time by the Philips display. So you gamers are going to love it.

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